Workout Clothing in the Modern Era

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Today’s exercise clothing is not only functional–just something to slap on and sweat in–but reflects the desires of the modern man and woman. It is figure flattering, stretchy, breathable, and durable…and don’t forget fashionable.

What is “fashionable” in workout-gear terms? It means fashion statements are made now inside and out of the gym. The average person can have the looks of the sexiest model on a specialty sports magazine. And one can wear their workout garb around town, irrespective of whether they even they actually work out.

Not Your Mom’s Workout Clothes

Gone are the days of just calling this fashion “exercise outfits” or “workout clothes.” Now a whole culture is built around it–“Activewear,” “Fitness Apparel,” “Sportswear,” etcetera—-with billions spent on advertising. And there are subcultures clustered around the general, like Tone Fitness Clothing. It’s no longer just Marketing and Sales. Fashion Designers are incorporated into the business model of any activewear company. Lab techs and researchers line the payroll, testing out synthetics and materials’ capabilities. Today’s consumer demands quality and performance, AND great looks.

Fitness apparel manages to stay functional even though, for example, the upper half might give the appearance of the most-elegant ballroom dress. The coloring is vibrant or dramatically dark, patterned, or angular, and on and on…a plethora of varieties. The staple black dress of fashion is even incorporated into today’s workout gear.

What does this mean for today’s new trainee or the seasoned workout veteran? It means an ever-increasingly competitive flood of high-quality work out garb that has all the features a professional athlete would expect, at increasingly competitive costs. Do not misunderstand–there are plenty of high end, expensive workout clothing lines right now. But one does not have to pay high-end designer prices in order to obtain quality materials and still get high-performing clothing in fashionable styles.

For What to Look

Higher-end workout clothing has synthetic blends, mostly. There are some exceptions, such as the merino-wool lines of workout wear. However, the majority of fitness apparel roughly has 80/20- to 90/10-percent synthetic blends, the major material being either nylon, Spandex, Elastane, or Lycra. The combination of these materials achieves stretch and durability, they don’t tear or stretch so far as to create holes or have pilling on rub sites as much as the former cotton-only choices. Additionally, they have breathe-ability. And they can endure high-intensity workouts under multiple conditions, such as varying weather.

Confidence building can include many situations where workout garb is donned. For instance, scaling the side of the mountain, and you want to feel all Angelina Jolie in Mrs. & Mr. Smith. Or you are running a race and want to feel as capable as the returning champion. Or you are on the other end of the spectrum where you just want to be confident enough to go step out onto the very very public gym floor, you’re just beginning, or maybe just not feeling the best about your appearance. However, ultimately, the best clothing to choose for yourself is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable yet confident.