What Type Of Hair Extensions Should You Choose?

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As you may know, there are several different types of hair extensions that you can choose from. The question is how do you know which hair extensions you should choose? Different hair extensions are made for women with different needs. This article will examine some common hair needs that women have, while recommending the appropriate type of hair extensions.

Women With Thinning Hair

Are you suffering from thinning hair or hair loss? If so, then The Lauren Ashtyn Collection full volume hair extensions are definitely the right choice for you. Full volume extensions provide the absolute most coverage of any type of hair extension. This is why it is the most popular choice for women who are dealing with the devastating effects of hair loss. Full volume extensions will restore your thinning hair to its maximum beauty and fullness, restoring your confidence in the process.

Women Who Want A Little Extra

There are many women out there who do not necessarily suffer from thinning hair, but simply want to add a little extra to their hair. For these women, we recommend light volume root coverage extensions. Light volume root coverage extensions are not as thick as full volume extensions, and are used to fill out hair. These extensions will add a touch of luxury to your hair. These extensions are also ideal for women who want to cover up those unwanted grey hairs. They are also slightly shorter than full volume extensions. While full volume extensions extend 12-18”, these extensions go down 12-16”.

Women Who Want To Add A Touch Of Length

Some women are satisfied with the fullness of their hair, but simply want to add some length. If this describes your situation, then length extensions are the ideal choice for you. As you might suspect, these are the longest hair extensions that you can buy, extending 16-18” (It is possible to purchase shorter length extensions, which only extend 10-12”).

Women On the Go

For women on the go, we recommend clip in extensions. All of the extensions above – from full volume, to light volume root coverage, to length extensions – can be purchased as clip ins. The big advantage that clip in extensions have over sew in extensions is that they can be applied and removed in a snap—literally in a matter of seconds. These are perfect for:

  • Busy moms
  • Busy professionals
  • Women who need to quickly get ready for a date
  • Women who simply don’t want to waste time applying and removing sew ins

Women Who Want To Mix and Match

Believe it or not, you can mix and match your hair extensions. Want to add length and body to your hair? Purchase both light volume root coverage and length extensions and wear them simultaneously. You can also wear length hair extensions in combination with full volume extensions. This gives you the flexibility that you need to fully express your own personal style. So feel free to mix and match with your hair extensions. Companies like The Lauren Ashtyn Collection sell all of the hair extensions mentioned above.