What should I be wearing for the church?

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It has been since our beginning that we see 80% of men wearing a coat and tie to church while women wear dresses 90% of the times. With the passage of time; 40% of men started wearing a coat and tie while 50% of the women wear dresses to church. This is the case with the majority of men and women; middle-aged as well as elderly people. Most of the people dressed casual while jeans were pretty much rare to be seen and tee shirts were rarer more. Shorts were never seen to be worn in the church.

However, today we see no men wearing suits or sports coats unless there is some special occasion. Ties are seen lesser than the coats. It can be said that less than 5% of the women wear dresses in churches. In warmer weather, we also see people wearing tee shirts, shorts, and sandals.

These are the changes that reflect the cultural changes over the last five decades related to clothing. Those who consider or favor the formal dresses suspect that casual clothing tends to reflect disrespect and irreverent attitude towards God. On the other hand, those who favor the casual dress consider it to reflect an authentic approach towards God. Does either of these have a biblical case?

Well, it is not a matter of discussion in this post. We will be discussing which dresses are reliable enough to be wearing these days while stepping out to meet God in church. There are several brands amusing the users with the church clothing, and you will find Donna Vinci church suits to be at the top of the list.

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