Top 7 Tips in Caring for Your Bespoke Suits

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Bespoke suits are important clothing investments.

Most of the time, you purchase them to be worn only to special occasions such as a wedding or your first job as an executive. You are well aware that a lot of care had gone into making such a suit and that the master haberdasher made certain to get accurate measurements to achieve the best fit for you. On top of that, it took several weeks to perfect it.

Therefore, whether your bespoke collection of suits is expensive or a mix of both pricey and more affordable ones, you want each one to look and feel good for a really long time. Proper care will help you achieve this. Here are the top seven tips in caring for your suits:

1. Hang them when they are not in use.

This is one of the best ways to retain the nice shape of your blazers and to prevent them from getting wrinkled. When you get home from work, clean your suit and hang it on a thick and wide wooden hanger, which will fit the contour of your suit better.

If you work in an office and you often remove your blazer or jacket while getting work done, have a hanger ready for it as well. Do not hang your jacket over your chair. This will distort the original shape of the suit.

2. Rotate your suits.

Even if you are a minimalist or you have a favorite bespoke suit, Columbus, Ohio master haberdashers advise not using it for consecutive days. It is important to let your suit rest after a day of use. This is because the natural fibers of its fabric need time to “recover” so they can revert back to their original crisp shape.

3. Brush your suit before and after wearing it.

Invest in a good suit brush.

The suits you wear will come in contact with dirt and dust. Wool suits, particularly, are magnets for dust, hair, lint, and other little particles. So, keep your suit clean by brushing it before and after wearing it.

You can use a bristle brush that a lot of suit stores carry, which is a sturdy kind that you can use for a long time. Or, you can invest in the magic brush that dry cleaners use. The magic brush has no bristles but it lifts off dirt without scratching the fabric.

3. Brush your suit the right way.

Use downward strokes when brushing your suit, and do not dig the bristles deep into the fabric.

Start from the lapel first and then go under the lapel because dirt and lint often get trapped here. Afterward, go to the seams of the shoulders and brush down the front and back of the jacket. Finish the “brush down” at the sleeves, starting from the shoulders and armpits down to the cuffs.

4. Steam iron your suit.

This is not only a fantastic way to restore the original shape of the suit but it also gets rid of germs. Steam not only banishes the wrinkles on a suit but it also kills off most bacteria and other microorganisms.

When you iron your suits, though, cover the iron with its protective sheet. Avoiding direct contact between a heat source and the suit will prevent the fabric from becoming weirdly shiny.

5. Avoid dry cleaning unless the suit is incredibly dirty.

As much as possible, dry clean your suits only when they are very dirty. This is because dry cleaning products are quite harsh on the fabric and can damage the fibers of the suit over time. If you want to preserve the quality of your suits, dry clean them once every six months or even just once a year.

6. Invest in a garment bag.

This is the best way to store your suits. The garment bag will keep dust and little insects off your suit especially when you travel, or store it for a long time.

7. Take care of minor repairs right away.

If you lose a button, or the suit ripped somewhere, take the suit back to the store where you got it and have it repaired right away. Immediate repair will prevent a minor suit issue from becoming a bigger problem in the future.

Also, if you have gained or lost a bit of weight (perhaps because of an effective weight loss program), have the fit for your suit altered. Tailoring can do so much in keeping the suit’s nice appearance and form despite the changes in your body.

A bespoke suit is meant to last you a long time.

With proper care and attention using the tips shared here, it most certainly will.


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