Knitwear: What Is Merino Wool?

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Knitwear is constructed from weaving fabric together in a design. This design is flexible and can be put together in smaller pieces. However, knitted fabric isn’t just for small items like hats and socks. Knitted wool is great for all kinds of garments including Merino Wool Knitwear.

What Is the Merino Wool Used in Garments?

Have you ever heard of Merino sheep? Well, Merino wool is the natural fiber grown by Merino sheep. Hence, the wool’s name. The wool is softer and thinner than traditional wool. This is because Merino sheep aren’t like regular sheep who in lowlands chewing grass. Instead, these sheep are built to survive and thrive in both the freezing winters and scorching summers of the Southern Alps. The Merino survives in extreme weather because of their natural fleece wool. Their wool is super breathable and lightweight. This means during the summer the goats’ stay cool. When the weather turns colder, the sheep grow an extra layer over their base coat. The protective layer gives them extra protection against extremely cold weather.

The Benefits of Knitwear Made with Wool

One of the benefits of knitwear made with Merino is it’s natural. In other words, it’s not synthetic. The wool is a renewable fiber because sheep grow approximately five pounds of wool each year. The second benefit is Merino knitwear helps regulate the body. It keeps a person’s body temperature stable. For example, in colder weather, the natural crimps and blends located in the fabric insulate a person because it traps air. During the warmer months the fabric keeps sweat and other moisture away from the skin. This allows a person wearing this knitwear to stay dry and cool.

The Difference Between Synthetic Knitwear and Merino Knitwear

The ultimate benefit of this type of wool knitwear is that it has porous fibers. These fibers are composed of tiny plates. These little plates create a vapor to pull the sweat and wetness from the body. This means that a person doesn’t experience that sweaty, clammy feeling when wearing the knitwear while they are indoors or walking in cold weather.

That is the main difference between knitwear constructed with Merino wool and its synthetic knitwear counterparts. The synthetic fibers are as porous. This means that when sweat turns to liquid, then a person’s body must heat up to make it evaporate. This causes a clammy feeling. Wool knitwear made with Merino eliminates this process.

Merino Wool Makes Knitwear Super Soft

Another benefit of wearing knitwear made with Merino is that it is super soft and very fine. In fact, it is so thin that it bends out of the way when it brushes against the skin. Other fiber feels prickly against the skin.

Choosing a Knitwear Made with Merino Wool

Whether you love going outside or staying warm inside, it’s best to pick knitwear made with Merino is the highest-quality wool. Merino knitwear is made to keep you warm and comfortable. It has a lot of benefits such as regulating your body temperature and keeps sweat off your skin.