Guide 101: How To Choose Your First Hair Extensions? Find Here

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If you always had long locks and have just opted for hair cut out of curiosity, the shift may seem odd. Thanks to hair extensions, you can always get back the kind of look you wanted. For someone who has never purchased or used hair extensions, buying them can be confusing. With brands like RL Moda, things are a lot easier, because you can even get suggestions for wigs and extensions. In this super simple guide, we are talking about what it takes to buy hair extensions.

Human hair extensions vs. synthetic

This is typically where most people have confusions. If you consider in terms of use, both human hair extensions and synthetic extensions are great, but with the latter, you also have a lot list of don’ts. For example, with a number of synthetic hair extensions, you cannot use heating tools, such as a blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron. Not to forget, human hair extensions feel natural and are much easier to use. Price wise, human hair is obviously more expensive, but some of the new age synthetic extensions can be costly too.

Choose your style

As mentioned, there are practically endless hair styles that you can try with hair extensions, but buying them all is never wise nor practical. We recommend that you consider your style first. For example, if you intend to keep your hair in buns and ponytails and just need to add some volume, almost any good hair extension would serve the purpose. If you are buying offline, the sales people can help, and for online purchasing, you may want to read the description well.

Don’t miss the basics

Much like natural hair, shedding is not an uncommon thing with hair extensions, so it is always a wise idea to test the product before buying. This is also called the finger test, where you need to run your fingers through the hair extensions, just to check the shedding, if any. In case you want to shop from stores online, the best idea is to rely on some of the known brands out there, which have a reputation, no matter whether you choose natural or synthetic hair extensions. Hair color is as important for extensions, so find a shade that works best for your natural hair color.

For a good hair extension, paying a tad more is never a bad idea. Invest in styles that you are truly going to try, instead of feeling experimental with many extensions at the same time.