Common Mistakes to Avoid in Using Clip-in Hair Extensions

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A set of Quality Clip-in Hair Extensions is a woman’s best friend (aside from diamonds that is). Thanks to the latter, women can easily sport hairstyles of any colour and length without much fuss.

One of the things that make clip-in hair extensions so special is that you can conveniently use them every day and take them out in the evening all on your own. You can even give yourself a soothing scalp massage in the process.

Clip-ins are the easiest and least committal hair extensions on the market and second only to tape in hair extensions. That said, the same attribute can likewise trigger people to end up being a bit lax when it concerns the rules of clip-ins. Permit us to set some guideline to help your clip-ins last as long as possible.

Sleeping with Your Clip-in Hair Extension

It is late at night and just cannot be bothered to removing your makeup let alone your hair extension. It happens and might seem inconsequential that is until you see the disastrous state your hair is in the next morning.

Wearing hair extensions in Sydney overnight can cause some significant tangling and matting which can severely shorten the life expectancy of your favourite extensions. Instead, pick yourself up, rub out your makeup, take out those clip-ins and put them away securely. It does not take up considerable time and effort but will go a long way towards ensuring that the hair extension remains in good condition.

Incorrect Wash Regimen

Washing your extensions appears simple enough however numerous people do not understand what kind of hair care natural clip-in extensions genuinely require. If you are using your them every day, they will need to be cleaned as soon as a week. If you hardly use them for special events, you need to clean them about every 3 to 5 uses.

A sound rule of thumb is to wash the hair extension immediately after removing them as a routine. Cleaning your clip-ins is essential as it cleanses the hair of any products you may have used and restored it to its natural texture. After a good wash, your clip-ins will be ready for you to use the next time around.

You would not want to put extreme chemicals in your hair, would you? So why do it with extensions? Because the hair from your clip-in set is no longer attached to a scalp, it can’t get the nutrients it needs unless you supply it. When you utilise damaging products which contain harsh chemicals and develop product build-up, your extensions have nothing to safeguard them from damage, reducing their lifespan and restricting your styling abilities. Stay away from products with sulphates and try to prevent using alcohol on the hair as well.

Utilising the Incorrect Haircare Products

It’s simple to think that since extensions come from someone else or someplace else that they don’t require the same care and treatment as your natural hair. You will want to treat them the same if you want them to last a long time.

Now that you understand how to take care of your clip-in hair extensions best, you are in a favourable position to make the most out of them. With proper care, a set of clip-ins will last you at least a year of regular use and even longer.