All You Wanted to Know About the Origin of Pearls

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You may get overwhelmed looking at the rich collection of pearls in the market. If you want to know more about pearls, then you are at the right place. This article will provide you all information regarding the origin of pearls.

How are pearls formed?

Pearls are made by molluscs as a result of a self-defense mechanism against sand grains or threatening tiny parasites that enter in its interior. To know more about Pearls, check this website.

  • Natural pearls

Natural pearls are very rare. They have got an asymmetrical shape. Natural pearls are commonly available in the second-hand store or an antique store.

  • Cultured pearls

Similar to natural pearls, cultured pearls are formed by molluscs but its creation is not associated to any casual event. It is made by human intervention.

  • Akoya pearls

These are Japanese cultivated pearls. They have a tiny sphere where the mother pearl sits inside the shell. This forms the nucleus surrounding the oyster that forms the pearl. To obtain a superior quality product, it would need a minimum of twenty-four months to form a pearl.

  • South sea pearls

These types of pearls are grown in the southern seas. They can synthesize pearls that are of approx. 15 mm diameter.

  • Australian pearls

These pearls are formed from the farming of “Pinctada Massima oysters”. They come in various different colors in the shade ranging between white to a yellowish golden color. These are very precious of all the other pearls in the market. Also, they have got a superior nacre layer diameter.

  • Tahiti pearls

The farming period for Tahiti pearls is between twenty and twenty-four months. These pearls get deposited by a mollusc named “Pinctada Margaritifera”. They have a specific tone that goes from grey to a purplish black.

  • Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls come in a wide range of quality, shape and color. This method of cultivation of pearls is different from freshwater pearls. They are derived from very large sized molluscs that live in the vast Asian rivers.


Hope you have got a good amount of information about pearls, its origin and types.